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inspection unit इन हिंदी

inspection unit उदाहरण वाक्य

निरीक्षण एकक
inspection:    जांच देखभाल
unit:    इकाई एक एकक खण्ड
उदाहरण वाक्य
1.The state comptroller's office is divided into five major inspection units.

2.The Certification and Inspections Unit manages the written directive system for the Department.

3.But the Coast Guard and police inspection units are operating with budgets that have not increased for several years.

4.The Security Council created a new inspection unit last month and gave Annan 30 days to nominate its head.

5.In 1976, the General Assembly established the Joint Inspection Unit to seek out inefficiencies within the UN system.

6.Although the case did not bear directly on self-certification, Cox was in charge of the central inspection unit.

7.The office of the Ministry consists of the Training Council, main service units, counselling and inspection units and auxiliary units.

8.At that time the station was the headquarters of Number One Squadron's 21st Inspection Unit, within the Northwest Regional Fleet.

9.These include Special Ops, Protective Services Unit, Salvage Inspection Unit, Victim Assistance Program, as well as the Mississippi Justice Information centers.

10.Meanwhile, officials heading the 40-member judicial inspection unit gathered to discuss over the future of four inspectors who led the Cleans Hands probe.

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