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interpolator उदाहरण वाक्य
उदाहरण वाक्य
1.The figure at the right shows the Hogenauer architecture for a CIC interpolator.

2.Also, the interpolator must calibrate the height of the ramp to a clock period.

3.Unlike most FIR filters, it has a decimator or interpolator built into the architecture.

4.The tricubic interpolator is equivalent to:

5.Although a separate ADC can be used, the ADC step is often integrated into the interpolator.

6.The interpolator is actually more involved because there are synchronizer issues and current switching is not instantaneous.

7.The lowpass filter consists of two polyphase filters, one for the decimator and one for the interpolator.

8.ALOHA converts the sparse recovery problem into a k-space interpolation problem using a low-rank interpolator.

9.Vermes also states that the detached depiction of the followers of Jesus is not the work of a Christian interpolator.

10.The Eunomian interpolator is about 365 70, and the compilation of " R " about 370 80.

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