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  • A retailer has been interposed between theatrical message and audience reception.
  • June Peer, 83, a retired teacher, quietly interposed.
  • The FG is interposed between the CG and the MOSFET channel.
  • The interposed nucleus is located in the paravermis of the cerebellum.
  • This interposing of wrappers is called " interception ".
  • But a kindlier fate has interposed in the person of Victoire.
  • Fabienne is about to be drowned when Labussi�re and Martial interpose.
  • Despite the apparent agreement, the Hobbs Company continued to interpose objections.
  • So interposing Helm s return between 3rd & 4th para feels wrong.
  • I do not need an independent commission interposing itself between myself and you.
  • But now you have this computer screen interposed between you and the patient.
  • The Hobbs Company continued to interpose objections in 1913.
  • Nerthus is believed to directly interpose in human affairs.
  • A more subtle example of interference occurs when the interposing piece interrupts two lines simultaneously.
  • But kind relatives interposed, and the boy was allowed to follow his original bent.
  • He also interposed in the Marprelate controversy.
  • Interposed between the masts and rigging were the ventilators and stack of the steam plant.
  • Black has no option, his King cannot move, he must interpose his Queen.
  • The central plot of the film is interposed with flashbacks from Billy Brown's childhood.
  • Interposed neural tissue is not present.
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