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उदाहरण वाक्य
1.Itu - r international telecommunications union - radio communications sector

2.Attendance at meetings of itu - r 6th sg and its wps in march

3.Dect is a kind of digital cordless telecommunication technique that was developed by etsi in 1992 and was brought to the standard by itu - r on nov 5 , 1999

4.An atmosphere structure constant cn2 model , which varies with height , is presented based on itu - r amplitude scintillation model , existing itu - r optical cn2 model and meteorologic measurement relative humidity and temperature profile data , at 10 ~ 30ghz . the log - amplitude scintillation deviation calculated in terms of the cn2 model based on humidity and temperature vertical profile compare with values predicted by means of itu - r and ortgies model . it is emerged that the calculation results based on the cn2 model agree almost with prediction results by itu - r and ortgies model at 10 ~ 30ghz and there is an advantage that relative humidity and temperature varied with height has be considered in the cn2 model

5.The system generates 18 kinds of worldwide used hdtv test pattern signals supported by smpte 274m standard , and also provides ypbpr , rgb video outputs both in digit and analog and the output interfaces of itu - r bt . 1120 - 2 / gy / t157 - 2000 studio hdtv digital video signal interface standard

6.According to the theory of optical wave propagation in the slant path and the itu - r turbulence structure constant model , which is altitude dependent and proposed in 2001 , the modified rytov method is extended to be applied to study on the problems , which waves propagate in the slant path . the scintillation index as a function of the rytov variance is obtained from weak to strong fluctuation regions with plane wave and sphere wave incidence , respectively

7.Using the dsd models and forward scattering amplitude computed by the least squares fitting method , the specific attenuations at l - 400ghz have been computed and analyzed , the parameters of " power law " relation between specific attenuation and rainfall rate are obtained . the specific attenuations in qingdao , guangzhou and xinxiang are compared with itu - r specific rain attenuation models

8.The analytic specific attenuation model for rain for use in prediction methods are developed , the specific rain attenuations calculated by the analytic model are in high agreement with those by the parameters tabulated in itu - r model , this model has presented to itu - r as a proposed revision to current itu - r model

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