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  • And I'll be back in the Jacuzzi ."
  • It has a marble floor, big windows and a Jacuzzi.
  • A nymph in a fountain, the floozy in the jacuzzi;
  • Niagara Falls is the home of the heart-shaped Jacuzzi.
  • One hospice routinely offers Jacuzzi treatments with candles and soothing music.
  • Maybe even one wit a Jacuzzi love tub inna bat room.
  • I went looking for picture hangers and left with a Jacuzzi.
  • Throw it in the Jacuzzi, the microwave or the dryer.
  • Still, not everyone is convinced that Jacuzzi is home free.
  • The swimming pool / Jacuzzi was a deduction for physical therapy.
  • A double with a Jacuzzi costs about $ 90 per night.
  • "I'm putting in a Jacuzzi,"
  • And we aren't just talking about your standard Jacuzzi.
  • There is also a jacuzzi and children's wading pool.
  • The bathrooms are classically decorated in marble and have jacuzzi baths.
  • In the bedroom was another Jacuzzi, single-size.
  • I was just sitting in the Jacuzzi thinking about that,
  • _Building a two-level, cement deck with a Jacuzzi.
  • And maybe surviving without a satellite dish and a Jacuzzi is barbaric.
  • There's a Jacuzzi, sauna and exercise equipment.
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