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kanchana वाक्य

"kanchana" हिंदी मेंkanchana in a sentence
उदाहरण वाक्यमोबाइल
  • It was designed by Thai engineer Kimchuang ( Kanchana ) Hengsuwanit.
  • Ganga tells him that Kanchana and her paternal uncle go outside.
  • The bodies are then buried in Kanchana's own ground.
  • A recording was made by David Measham for Unicorn Kanchana.
  • Johnson made several recordings on the Unicorn-Kanchana label.
  • Kanchana is ill-treated by her mother-in-law.
  • Ponnammal gradually begins to realise what the value of Kanchana.
  • She and Bhanumati asks Pushpanathan to bring Kanchana back home.
  • Bhanumathi dies and transfers all her wealth to Kanchana's son.
  • He tells about that to Kanchana and her paternal uncle.
  • Kanchana angrily confronts the MLA, who cunningly kills her.
  • Rerngchai chose Kanchana from a list of 40 sellers.
  • Kanchana was allowed to leave her room for 15 minutes every eight hours.
  • His last Tamil / Telugu super hits were Vinnai thaandi Varuvaya and Kanchana.
  • When Kanchana rejects the proposal, Viswanathan asks Nirmala, who happily accepts.
  • Kanchana leave home and Pushpanathan does not allow Kanchana to take her son.
  • Kanchana leave home and Pushpanathan does not allow Kanchana to take her son.
  • Knowing this, Kanchana's paternal uncle dies.
  • Kanchana goes to Mohan's office for interview.
  • Kanchana bails him and they go to his home.
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