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lacelike वाक्य

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  • Carpenters cut wood into lacelike mediopuntos, large screens that separate rooms.
  • Then they starched the whole thing into lacelike rigidity.
  • The upper part is covered with lacelike sculptures, the first Renaissance sculptural work in Croatia.
  • Monet came here several times in the late 1800s to paint the mighty cathedral with its lacelike stonework.
  • At the Gallery of Modern Art on Columbus Circle, Stone reduced the perforated-screen motif to lacelike borders around the marble facades.
  • He continued to experiment with shearling in unusually sophisticated colors, including rust and charcoal, finishing some coats with lacelike cutwork around the hems.
  • A cr�pe is a thin Breton pancake cooked on one or both sides in a special pan or crepe maker to achieve a lacelike network of fine bubbles.
  • "Mementos, " made of dried rose petals joined in elaborate patterns by lacelike sections of meticulously hand-stitched artificial hair, resemble big doilies.
  • A . Becoming leggy, then dying back, is almost as common with these spring bloomers as the lacelike squiggles in the leaves caused by columbine leaf miners.
  • The numerals are filled with a lacelike pattern of white dots and surrounded by a host of colorful details : little blue drawings of diamond rings and stainless-steel wristwatches, yin-yang signs, elegant Korean characters.
  • With its lacelike birds and flowers, the sculptor terms its tracery work " almost Venetian, " and the job, he suggests, would signal that the team has moved from the craft of masonry to the art of sculpture.
  • Its extraordinary lacelike interiors have suffered over time, but its teak-bedecked facade, like that of the elaborate Burmese-style Ava apartments next door, is splendidly unaltered, an incongruous reminder of a trendsetter who once reigned in a city that too often forgets.
  • The bark of " Edgeworthia " and " Wikstroemia " is used as a component of paper, while " Lagetta " species are known as lacebark for their lacelike inner bark, which has been used to make clothing and utilitarian objects.
  • In the U . S, Parke Puterbaugh writing for " Rolling Stone " awarded the album four stars out of five, describing the record as the band's finest, and their playing as weaving " a complex web of sound from the unlikeliest parts : churchy, staccato keyboards; lacelike, arpeggiated guitar lines and soaring wisps of feedback; and metallic-sounding drums ."

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