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learnedness उदाहरण वाक्य
उदाहरण वाक्य
1.Cardinal Alessandro de'Medici-the future Pope Leo XI-was delighted of his appointment and had hailed Ancina for his learnedness and his succinct responses to theological questions that were posed to him.

2.Additionally, to the antecedent, he was a student of the British military strategies; a predilection acquired from military service during the WWI & WWII . The military training and experience was edifying and augmented his learnedness and leadership skills.

3.Einstein initially called this " superfluous learnedness ", but later used Minkowski spacetime to great elegance in general theory of relativity, extending invariance to all reference frames whether perceived as inertial or as accelerated and thanked Minkowski, by then deceased.

4.In the 1680s, Syv prepared and published two volumes of " Aldmindelige Danske Ord-Sproge og korte L�rdomme " ( " Common Danish Proverbs and Short Learnedness " ), containing some 15, 000 Danish proverbs and idioms.

5.The champions of whole language prefer to amuse the children into learnedness by simply placing a book before them and allowing them to wander through the thicket of their ignorance in the optimistic expectation that the basic building blocks of knowledge _ words, sentences, paragraphs _ will somehow become self-evident.

6.The work is considered one of great learnedness, elegance, and passion; the Harvard University Press writes that Manilius " exhibit [ s ] great virtuosity in rendering mathematical tables and diagrams in verse form ", and that " the poet writes with some passion about his Stoic beliefs and shows much wit and humour in his character sketches of persons born under particular stars ".

7.Often, they offered mythological and metamorphic themes together with Jungian archetypes as a means by which to understand the fluidity of the human experience across classifications, time and space so as to afford a learner not only the opportunity to acquire knowledge but also to give them the ability to use their learnedness in an ethical, constructive and productive way or, as Greig once wrote, so that they are able to " transfigure human life to humane life ".

8.According to scholar Roy Mottahedeh, one significant change to Islam in Iran during the first half of the 20th century was that the class of ulema lost its informality that allowed it to include everyone from the highly trained jurist to the " shopkeeper who spent one afternoon a week memorizing and transmitting a few traditions . " Laws by Reza Shah that requiring military service and dress in European-style clothes for Iranians, gave talebeh and mullahs exemptions, but only if they passed specific examinations proving their learnedness, thus excluding less educated clerics.

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