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  • Streets were macadamised or concreted at this time also.
  • Several macadamised parking spaces abut its southern side, extending to a secondary side road.
  • By the late 1840s, the road had a toll bar at Merri Creek, and a macadamised surface.
  • In the 1830s, efforts were made by various toll road operators to macadamise the trail as a gravel stagecoach road.
  • They were provided with water-closets and sewers, and Grainger had the streets lit with gas and the road surfaces macadamised.
  • The road between the cottages and the main station buildings was known as Radio Drive, and was possibly the first macadamised road in Perth.
  • The process is removing the metal, granulating the rubber and then a chemical process where it is mixed with other usual materials for macadamised roads.
  • The macadamised Lake Shore Road between Toronto and Hamilton, in poor condition with ongoing erosion, was the first section to be bypassed with concrete highway.
  • In order to maintain the sport's distinction from road running, the usage of unnatural or macadamised surfaces is generally kept to a minimum or avoided entirely.
  • The first road in Kolkata to be macadamised was Chitpur Road in 1839 . In the evening of 6 July 1857 Chowringhee was lit up with gas lights provided by the Oriental Gas Company.
  • Her great grand father built the Durbar Hall in Cochin and the Town Hall in Trichur and it was during his time that the roads to Munnar, Trichur and Chittur were constructed and macadamised.
  • Surfaces include macadamised surfacing; corduroy surfacing exists in two areas, 560 metres and 765 metres west of Devil's Elbow; stone pitching exists in a number of places, many in excellent condition.
  • They recommended the building of new sections of road to avoid obstructions, eased steep slopes and directed the relaying of existing road-beds with carefully graded stones to create a dry, fast-running surface ( known as Macadamising ).
  • This design, sometimes known as " macadamising ", was developed by John MacAdam, a British engineer . " Corduroy roads " were also utilised in places, possibly the result of repairs to boggy sections of the road by bullock drivers.
  • ". . . a quiet little town of some 3000 inhabitants spread out in straggling allotments down to the water's edge, intermingled with gardens and shrubberies and half rural in its aspect . . . The main streets are macadamised, but the outlying ones and most of the footpaths retain their native state from the loose sand-the all pervading element of Western Australia-productive of intense glare or much dust in the summer and dissolving into slush during the rainy season ."

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