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  • The large roof terrace was surrounded by a machicolated battlement.
  • The flat roof is hidden behind a machicolated solid balustrade.
  • Inside the moat is the'keep', an ancient machicolated tower.
  • The corners are marked with projecting turrets or bartizans, while the upper level is machicolated.
  • There is a machicolated opening about each embrasure of the parapet, which is drained by gargoyled cannon-spouts.
  • "To the left, the castle with machicolated towers and a large window and door leading on to the terrace.
  • The ruin suggests that the keep was around 16m by 12m, with walls 2.9m thick rising to a machicolated parapet.
  • The battlements are loopholed for musketry, and the merlins over the gateways and at certain places along the wall, are machicolated.
  • In France, the keep at machicolated designs, a trend adopted in Spain most prominently through the Valladolid school of Spanish castle design.
  • An arrowhead shaped barbican was added to the east of the moat and was protected by another moat and machicolated battlements on the north side.
  • The taller northwest tower has similar windows that get much shorter on the third and attic stories, topped by a crenelated parapet and machicolated cornice.
  • Entry was by ladder to a door about from the base above which was a machicolated ( slotted ) platform which allowed for downward fire on attackers.
  • The original Louvre was nearly square in plan ( seventy-eight by seventy-two metres ) and enclosed by a 2.6-metre thick crenellated and machicolated curtain wall.
  • He also notes that the entrance and south sides are symmetrical and that the conservatory is of " ecclesiastical appearance . " The turrets have slit windows, which are machicolated and crenellated.
  • There is a machicolated projection at the east end of the north wall, at parapet level, although its defensive value would have been limited, as it was not placed above the entrance.
  • It was constructed between 1891 and 1893 and originally consisted of a square compound, with brick walls, with an elaborate gatehouse, featuring a machicolated parapet, a sandstone archway and elaborate panelled doors.
  • Some castles continued to be built without keeps : the Bastille in the 1370s, for example, combined a now traditional quadrangular design with machicolated corner towers, gatehouses and moat; the walls, innovatively, were of equal height to the towers.
  • The battlements are loop-holed, and the merlins over the gateways and at certain places along the wall, are machicolated; while semi-circular bastions surmounted by towers, occur at each flanking angle, and at regular intervals along the works.
  • The tower has a coped cylindrical base, with a doorway to the East, flanked by a barred window opening and an infilled opening; the shaft of the tower is stepped in from the base and three vertically aligned windows sit above the doorway; a coped cornice lies over a well machicolated eaves course.
  • Other remarkable monuments are : the old gate, the " Porte Saint-Georges "; its river front is composed of two large crenelated and machicolated towers, connected by a pavilion, and the ancient hospital of Saint-Jacques that afterwards became a college of the Marshal Rochambeau, born at Vend�me in 1725.

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