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machine unit इन हिंदी

machine unit उदाहरण वाक्य

मशीन मात्रक
machine:    कल बाइसिकिल मशीन
unit:    इकाई एक एकक खण्ड
उदाहरण वाक्य
1.At the Dixie-Narco vending-machine unit, sales jumped 33 percent to $ 50.9 million.

2.Maytag's Dixie-Narco vending-machine unit, meantime, was hurt by softening demand for soft drinks.

3.It also has binary units, but unlike Hopfield nets, Boltzmann machine units are stochastic.

4.At the Dixie-Narco vending-machine unit, sales jumped 33 percent to $ 50 . 9 million.

5.On 1 July 1958 the Vasylivska village council was included into milking machine unit s were introduced.

6.Sales will fall because the company spun off Selecta AG, its vending machine unit, earlier this year.

7.Last year, the new cement machines unit boosted industrial plant sales, which rose by 700 million marks, or 82 percent.

8.With machine unit sales in South Africa almost doubling, Barlows Equipment's " order book is strong, " the company said.

9.Hadley said Maytag's vending machine unit, Dixie-Narco, turned in a strong quarter along with its Hoover vacuum cleaner operations in North America.

10.It is then fed to an air cycle machine unit which regulates the temperature and flow of air into the cabin, keeping the environment comfortable.

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