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  • Colonel McCreary retired in 1951 and was succeeded by Joseph Mackle.
  • Barbara Mackle assigned her interests in the case to Gene Miller.
  • (Elliott Mackle writes for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution . ).
  • Joanna Mackle is Deputy Director with responsibility for international engagement.
  • Not everyone agrees that the information provided by Mackle is useful and fair.
  • Two plastic pipes provided Mackle with outside air.
  • Later, Miller and Mackle agreed to collaborate on a book about her ordeal.
  • Mackle was rescued dehydrated but otherwise unharmed.
  • His teacher is named Ms . Mackle.
  • He worked on a number of interesting cases including the Barbara Mackle kidnapping and the Frank Abagnale case.
  • Former senior player Eamon Mackle was heavily involved in Armagh's success along with Armagh coach Paul Grimley.
  • Q : Whatever happened to Barbara Jane Mackle, the heiress who was kidnapped for ransom in Atlanta some years ago?
  • A : Mackle, who was kidnapped in 1968, tries to live a normal life with her family in Florida.
  • On December 20, Krist called and gave to a switchboard operator of the FBI vague directions to Mackle's burial place.
  • The Mackle brothers organized a worldwide advertising campaign for the Island's launch in 1965, which attracted 25, 000 people.
  • More than 100 people complained to MDA about the comments, including some who receive services from the organization, spokesman Bob Mackle said.
  • In 1940 the Mackle Construction Company offered new homes on the island for US $ 9, 540, with just US $ 500 down.
  • Atlanta Journal-Constitution Dining critic Elliott Mackle's comments on the smoking area at a restaurant called Delectables elicited this letter from a reader.
  • The Mackle brothers of the Deltona Corporation led the development of the island after purchasing large amounts of land on the island for $ 7 million.
  • According to an often repeated story, the Mackle Brothers were selling lots in Miami area and decided to put an ad in a northern newspaper.
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