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  • I got a wig, a fantastic makeup man, and it worked.
  • One of Streep's makeup men once said, " There's no glycerin with Meryl.
  • I cried for two weeks _ ask Roy, my makeup man.
  • Park's makeup man puts the final touches on her eyebrows.
  • For one, the big guy has a new makeup man and a new voice coach.
  • Dick Smith, NBC's legendary makeup man, found that his job called for constant problem solving.
  • Just as in the TV debates, he showed that he is his own makeup man.
  • No one wants to know about your makeup man and your hairdresser and that stuff,
  • Everything from directors, musicians, singers, dancers, makeup men etc ., all are the villagers themselves.
  • Reba McEntire squints her eyes shut as her makeup man refluffs and sprays her titian hair.
  • He spent his earlier years in Chennai where his father was working as a makeup man.
  • Marimuthu joined as makeup man to Sneha.
  • Problems arose with actress Lori Singer, who was reportedly difficult and caused headaches for makeup man Carl Fullerton.
  • His father Sri C . Madhav Rao is a makeup man in South India and mother a housewife.
  • The makeup man was the star.
  • In 2011 he was featured in " Makeup Man " along with comedic roles in " Chinatown ".
  • Mendez worked with Hollywood makeup men and hardened CIA case officers to perfect the craft of creating counterfeit people.
  • The only people you really knew were your makeup man and your wardrobe man, because you spent the most time with them.
  • At 28, Sam Fine has become the fixer of these and other famous faces, the makeup man for dozens of African-American stars.
  • And all she does in that scene is lay there and look battered, so her prize rightly belongs to the makeup man.
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