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  • Remains were taken to a makeshift morgue next to the airport.
  • But he was laughed out of the Chargers'makeshift offices.
  • McCurry said at a briefing at a makeshift press room here.
  • The makeshift interview room normally houses the Giants'weightlifting equipment.
  • In prison, he stabbed two guards with a makeshift knife.
  • Insurance companies set up makeshift claim centers along the cafeteria walls.
  • Hunnicutt said the makeshift arrangement began to fall apart in 1996.
  • She had made a makeshift candle shrine near the procession route.
  • Moments later, soldiers began circling their makeshift camp at Wendji.
  • The body of Nazmi Jashari now lies in the makeshift morgue.
  • Cooper said, using a fallen wall as a makeshift altar.
  • Their protection consisted of makeshift dikes they constructed and maintained themselves.
  • Smoke fills the room each time they light their makeshift stoves.
  • The hair clogged the makeshift pump and spoiled the meager rations.
  • The prime minister entered Stankovic I near a makeshift swimming hole.
  • The raids yielded several makeshift weapons and gear used for escapes.
  • These makeshift fridge cellars won't soothe every storage issue.
  • The walls of the makeshift office are filled with framed memories.
  • Students and local townspeople played the roles on a makeshift stage.
  • Makeshift spray systems turn on periodically to recreate conditions at home.
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