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  • He came to San Diego and did not attempt a makeover.
  • The author is a makeover expert who appears frequently on television.
  • Spencer had some other ideas, however, for a makeover.
  • Baseball needs an image makeover, and so does Mickey Mantle.
  • Like any aspiring star, it's getting a makeover.
  • The new $ 100 bill unveiled Wednesday got the first makeover.
  • Deutsche Bank Makeover Plan Seen Hurt by Low Morale, Paper Says
  • But ominously, future episodes show unmistakable signs of questionable makeovers.
  • He won a $ 10, 000 Sears Kenmore Kitchen Makeover.
  • J . C . Penney Co . is undergoing a makeover.
  • The fruits of Clinton's makeover are now on display.
  • And then came the Jets'makeover in the off season.
  • Who knows what kind of ripple effect such makeovers might have?
  • It's time the ugly little condors got a makeover.
  • When the pair got healthy, Rodnina began their skating makeover.
  • Much of the new makeover has been a concerted political effort.
  • Now it is the ball's turn for a makeover.
  • So, this month I decided to try a PC makeover.
  • The implications of the makeover are, of course, grave.
  • A sneak preview of Disneyland's massive makeover of Tomorrowland.
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