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  • The banks are also profiting from an aggressive policy of expansion.
  • Regus has maintained a policy of expansion, opening new business centers.
  • The conference followed a policy of expansion for a period of time.
  • It has a stated policy of expansion by acquisition.
  • From then onwards, Normans engaged in a policy of expansion in North America.
  • Bahadur Shah was pursuing a policy of expansion.
  • Suhenphaa s reign showed the continuation of the policy of expansion of Ahom kingdom.
  • Aistulf continued the policy of expansion and raids against the papacy and the capitation tax.
  • Cambyses continued his father's policy of expansion, and captured Darius the Great.
  • New France also began a policy of expansion in an attempt to dominate the trade.
  • Suleiman's policy of expansion throughout the Mediterranean basin was however halted in Malta in 1565.
  • The process was driven by the demands of trade and security rather than by any deliberate policy of expansion.
  • Softbank has a stated policy of expansion by acquisition and the company has been making inroads into the U . S.
  • He was born in National Sailors'& Firemen's Union, which was committed to a policy of expansion.
  • Allied with the resurgent Armenians, Adarnase then launched, from his base in Lower Tao, a policy of expansion.
  • By 1660, France started a policy of expansion into the interior of North America from what is now eastern Canada.
  • Masayoshi Son told the Bloomberg Forum there will be no change to the company's stated policy of expansion by acquisition.
  • In 1505 the reign King Manuel I of Portugal led Portugal to establish a policy of expansion in Africa and western Asia.
  • Iran should give up its " policies of expansion, greed, interference, procrastination and secrecy, " he said.
  • Being also ambitious and confident, he pursued a policy of expansion for his duchy, seeking to expand it into a kingdom.
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