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  • For every minor traffic violation, policyholders would fall two levels.
  • It has advanced death benefits to nearly 750 policyholders since 1990.
  • It gave RMS data showing its policyholder concentrations by ZIP codes.
  • "Who represents the policyholders ? " asks Nader.
  • The policyholders have been well cared for, the company says.
  • About 3, 000 policyholders attended today's special meeting.
  • The takeover was approved by more than 97 percent of policyholders.
  • The merger is subject to approval of policyholders of both companies.
  • The other 90 percent remains for the mutual's policyholders.
  • Policyholder-owned insurers report their earnings annually rather than quarterly.
  • A number of lawsuits were also filed by Blue Cross policyholders.
  • Policyholders also can pursue claims with an alternate dispute resolution process.
  • He also criticized a form policyholders must complete as too complex.
  • At present, Hancock is a mutual owned by its policyholders.
  • The suit seeks compensation for all comprehensive policyholders in the city.
  • Under the new structure, the policyholders'rights are split.
  • State Farm is a mutual insurance company owned by its policyholders.
  • Policyholders would receive shares that could be traded on stock exchanges.
  • But it is by far the largest insurer for individual policyholders.
  • That works out to an average of $ 800 a policyholder.
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