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  • Georgia Farm Bureau is paying the settlement under a homeowner's policy of insurance.
  • Stamp duty is payable on policies of insurance and transfers of immovable properties situated in Malta and certain securities.
  • His will also mentions two " policies of insurance " taken out with the diocesan Chancellor of London, Arthur Duck.
  • Primarily they appraise the damage, prepare an estimate and other claim documentation, read the policy of insurance to determine coverages, and negotiate with the insurance company's claims handler.
  • Accordingly, the Act introduced into English law for the first time the requirement of an " insurable interest " in the subject matter of a policy of insurance.
  • Persons who had no commercial interest in a marine cargo would take out a policy of insurance in the marine form, essentially gambling upon whether or not the ship would safely arrive at its destination.
  • The rate of stamp duty on policies of insurance ranges from 0.1 % to 11 % whereas the applicable general rates on transfers of immovable properties and securities are 5 % and 2 % respectively.
  • So far as the user by the master is concerned, if he can point to an effective policy of insurance which covers the user by him of the vehicle at the material time, then no offence is committed by the master.
  • The Supreme Court reaffirmed the general rule that simple contract debts, such as a policy of insurance not under seal, are, for the purpose of founding administration, assets where the debtor resides, without regard to the place where the policy is found.
  • The section says that it is not lawful for him to use a motor-vehicle on the road unless there is in force, in relation to the user by him, such a policy of insurance against third party risks as complies with the Act.
  • The section also makes it an offence to " cause or permit any other person " to use a motor-vehicle on the road unless there is in force, in relation to the user by that person, such a policy of insurance as complies with the Act.
  • In Paul v . Virginia, 8 Wall . 168, the issuing of a policy of insurance was expressly held not to be a transaction of commerce, and therefore not excluded from the control of state laws, and the decision in that case is predicated upon that distinction.
  • In 1869, the United States Supreme Court cemented state-based insurance regulation as the law of the land when it ruled in " Paul v . Virginia " that the issuance of a policy of insurance was not the transaction of commerce, and therefore beyond the scope of federal legislation.
  • The consequence was that, with these and certain statutory exceptions ( e . g ., actions on policies of insurance ), an action on an assigned chose in action must have been brought at law in the name of the assignor, though the sum recovered belonged in equity to the assignee.
  • The formation of an insurance contract is governed by ordinary contractual principles however, as a commercial contract, a policy of insurance should be given a businesslike interpretation " having regard to the language used by the parties, the commercial circumstances the document addresses, and the objects which it is intended to secure ."
  • The Massachusetts statute applied not only to " ` ( a ) ny blanket or general policy of insurance . . . or any policy of accident and sickness insurance "'but also to " ` any employees'health and welfare fund which provide ( d ) hospital expense and surgical expense benefits . "'471 U . S ., at 730, n . 11.

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