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  • Single-minded, stone-cold serious and pugnaciously tightfisted.
  • He campaigned pugnaciously against the authority of the clergy in education,
  • Some jurors perked up when Blasier began his examination pugnaciously.
  • Cuban president Fidel Castro, meanwhile, has taken a pugnaciously neutral position.
  • But still there is England, marked in green, pugnaciously defiant off the coast.
  • Moose commonly stand and pugnaciously face the wolves, which take the cue and leave.
  • He'll go pugnaciously, though, as a martyr rather than a penitent.
  • They face off on their hind legs like miniature kangaroos, pugnaciously bobbing up and down.
  • One thinks of Alice's pugnaciously rattly White Knight who keeps toppling from his horse.
  • He was like a street-corner preacher pugnaciously delivering his message to heedless passers-by.
  • Danny Hoch's scrappily intelligent, pugnaciously funny new solo show, this may be it.
  • That's the latest recipe from Glen Clark, British Columbia's pugnaciously anti-American premier.
  • When Aceria warns him she will never let him send the boards away, he pugnaciously accepts the challenge.
  • "We're not afraid of women's products, " she said, a bit pugnaciously.
  • Assante leads pugnaciously with his chin and attaches himself to Erin with a weird intensity that the film doesn't explain.
  • Milosevic came here to Kosovo and pugnaciously declared that other ethnic groups would no longer be permitted to abuse the Serbian nation.
  • At Credit Suisse and its investment bank, Credit Suisse First Boston, executives remain almost pugnaciously determined to stick to their strategy.
  • Paul Johnson, the provocative British historian, put it more pugnaciously in a recent issue of the Spectator, a London weekly.
  • With their cheeky brashness, standing pugnaciously apart from the gregarious huddle of skyscrapers at Midtown, they were the apotheosis of American capitalism.
  • While it is usually presumed that the tribal Pashtuns prefer that separation _ and even pugnaciously demand it _ the opposite may well be true.
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