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  • Wigtown was described as the quaintest county town in Scotland.
  • To the east is Zamora, one of Mexico's quaintest towns.
  • One of the quaintest-sounding, and most popular, programs is blacksmithing.
  • Business has never been better in America's quaintest, quirkiest sports theater.
  • As such, it remains one of the quaintest, most unspoilt villages of central Virginia.
  • It was said at the time that " the Chinese shops are the quaintest places imaginable.
  • Alas, even France's quaintest towns haven't avoided modern problems, including traffic.
  • Here's the world's quaintest thing about Mike Darnell : he loves TV . Watches, sometimes, 14 hours a day.
  • From Whitby, we headed into the quaintest coastal village of Robin Hood's Bay, still trailed by the mist, adding a touch of mystery to this smuggling haven of old.
  • From the quaintest village hall to the largest county seat, in Albany, Trenton and Washington, governments at every level of society are enjoying record surpluses amassed during the nation's long economic expansion.
  • Larrabee, the Danville trustee, has charge over one of the quaintest of libraries _ a 10-by-17-foot former gasoline station in West Danville _ the Charles D . Brainerd Public Library.
  • In some respects these compilations, the productions of monks in their cloisters, remind us of Herodotus, dry details alternating with here and there a picturesque incident; and many of these annals abound with the quaintest stories.
  • Leigh Hunt ( educated at Christ's Hospital from 1791 to 1799 ) described the bluecoat uniform : " Our dress was of the coarsest and quaintest kind, but was respected out of doors, and is so.
  • Brent and Lacey then rally the town to prepare for the " Quaintest Town in Canada " contest judge, Tina Fuller, to enter Dog River, but a series of mishaps create the appearance of a riot in the middle of town.
  • And as much as they chafe and act suspicious about how the world tries to turn them into the quaintest, greatest, underdogish little basketball team in all of Division I, that's our story and we're sticking to it.
  • In his autobiography, Browns owner Bill Veeck called Holloman's no-hitter " the quaintest no-hitter in the history of the game, " saying that his pitches were " belted " all night but he was saved by luck and outstanding defense.
  • When I want a quick and quiet getaway, with no driving and just the right balance of peace and cosmopolitan buzz, I head to Hydra, one of the quaintest islands in the Saronic Gulf and a mere hour and a half by Flying Dolphin hydrofoil from the port of Piraeus.
  • After realizing that the crisis won't blow over and Lacey will move away if Dog River goes bankrupt, Brent buys the closed town bar and enters Dog River into a " Quaintest Town in Canada " competition, hoping that the $ 75, 000 prize can save the town.

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