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उदाहरण वाक्य
1.The present Lord Grimthorpe was a keen racegoer from an early age.

2.However, the upper levels provide far less accommodation for the everyday racegoer than was present in the former stand.

3.A Santa Anita racegoer joked last week that the next step is to include an update on each horse's appetite.

4.To provide services for the Brisbane racegoer, public transport operates to Bundamba and takes the form of trains, buses and taxis.

5.Now, a non-racegoer will probably ask, " Don't you always try to pick the best horse ?"

6.`The average racegoer; there's no way he can grasp how much skill it takes to ride a race horse like Laffit Pincay Jr ."

7.The Emperor Napoleon III and his wife Prince Napoleon in the Royal Enclosure alongside the Prince of Nassau, Prince Murat and the Duke of Morny, an avid racegoer.

8."It's an aggravation, " said Bob Achen, a racegoer for 50 years, who phoned me from his Granada Hills home one day this week.

9."You never get used to this aspect of the game, " a friend, a major-track publicist on vacation, said sadly to his wife, an infrequent racegoer.

10.He was a keen tennis player and an ardent racegoer; he gave unstinting support in his newspapers to coverage of local sport, and was particularly helpful in helping establish baseball and lawn bowls into Peterborough.

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