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  • In 2004, NRG released their sixth album " New Radiancy 6 Group.
  • NRG ( New Radiancy Group ) was then created when Kim Hwan Sung was added to the line up.
  • He is the co-founder of Biosense Inc ., Spectrum Dynamics Medical Inc ., MetaCure Inc ., Influence Inc ., Radiancy Inc ., X-Technologies, Impulse Dynamics N . V ., InStent Inc . and Disc-O-Tech Ltd . He has about 480 patent and patent applications.
  • Additional firms in the healthcare industry that Ben-Haim has co-founded to date include : InStent Inc . that was merged into Medtronic; Disc-O-Tech Ltd . that was merged into Kyphon which subsequently merged into Medtronic; Radiancy Inc . that was later merged into Photomedex; X-Technologies that was later merged into Guidant; Impulse Dynamics N . V . and Influence Inc . Ben-Haim also co-founded and is now the Chairman of Goji, a company that is developing innovative energy delivery technology.
  • The 1857 " Encyclopaedia Britannica " contained an article on Keats by Alexander Smith, which stated : " Perhaps the most exquisite specimen of Keats'poetry is the'Ode to the Grecian Urn'; it breathes the very spirit of antiquity,  eternal beauty and eternal repose . " During the mid-19th century, Matthew Arnold claimed that the passage describing the little town " is Greek, as Greek as a thing from Homer or Theocritus; it is composed with the eye on the object, a radiancy and light clearness being added ."

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