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macadamized उदाहरण वाक्य

उदाहरण वाक्य
31.The OED has " metal ( 11 ) : Broken stone used in macadamizing roads or as ballast for a railway " .-- Shantavira 07 : 24, 7 September 2006 ( UTC)

32.During the 19th Century quarrying of granite for use in England became a valuable trade good from Guernsey, adding value by creating cobblestones for London streets, although after 1847 gravel was exported for macadamizing roads.

33.Additional improvements to the street were made throughout the 19th century : The avenue was macadamized in 1832 ( and the poplars removed ), repaved with round stones in 1852, and repaved with wooden blocks from 1st to 15th Streets in 1870.

34.Under his administration certain roads were " macadamized ", an agreement was entered into with the Rand Water a Municipal Fire Brigade was formed, electric lights were installed, sanitary system was put into practice, building, fire, and gambling by-laws were put into effect.

35.In his 1835 gazetteer of Virginia, Joseph Martin noted that the  Lynchburg and eastern turnpike, running S . W . through New London and Liberty, is now completed half the distance .  The macadamized road  enters Lynchburg at the lower [ eastern, or downriver ] end of town.

36.In 1845, the Missouri Assembly appropriated a sum not to exceed $ 7, 000 to be apportioned to each township along the route for the macadamizing ( a mixture of gravel and tar, a new type of road surface developed by John Loudon McAdam in Scotland ) of Gravois Road within the limits of each township.

37.His other businesses included the Portland Cordage Co ., Portland Linseed Oil Co ., The Portland Rope Works, Oregon Transfer Co ., The Portland Gas Company, The Trinidad Asphalt Company and The Macadamized Road Company ( built as a toll road where Macadam road is now, running almost parallel with Corbett Ave . ).

38.Lincoln's plan continued to unravel as Banks declared his army was too shaken to move in pursuit ( and would remain north of the Potomac until June 10 ), Fr�mont moved slowly on poor roads ( in contrast to Jackson, whose men had the advantage of the macadamized Valley Pike ), and Shields would not leave Front Royal until Ord's division arrived.

39.The macadamized roads and the improved shipping of the eighteenth century broke up local combinations and monopolies, and offered facilities for the growth of others extending over a wider area : and in our own age the same double tendency is resulting from every new extension and cheapening of communication by land and sea, by printing-press and telegraph and telephone . "-VI . XII . 10

40.Known to many as the Keesey Tract, the East York area was listed as " fronting, for two-thirds of a mile, on both sides of Market Street, York s main thoroughfare, and part of the Great Lincoln Highway . " Only an eleven-minute ride from Center Square in York, it featured high ground with perfect natural drainage, cement walks and curbs, macadamized streets, pure filtered water, electric lights, and a complete sewer system.

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