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  • We absolutely do not see this as a shoo-in.
  • It would be ridiculous to dub him a shoo-in.
  • Cornelius at first tried to shoo the squirrel out a door.
  • Despite the risks, the IPO is a shoo-in.
  • You don't just disband them and shoo them away.
  • That is not to say he was a shoo-in.
  • ITT rejected the offer and has labored to shoo Hilton away.
  • ITT rejected the bid and has tried to shoo Hilton away.
  • The Broncos seemed a shoo-in for the Super Bowl.
  • He shoos away any boys who show an interest in her.
  • On that score, Murphy would be a shoo-in.
  • A lot of people think Bush is a shoo-in.
  • White males weren't a shoo-in, either.
  • Palestinian police, meanwhile, do nothing to shoo kids away.
  • Shoo-ins : " A Beautiful Mind,"
  • They are exceptionally annoying and don't shoo away easily.
  • Hanks is no shoo-in, according to conventional wisdom.
  • Move ! " tried to shoo away onlookers and reporters.
  • In England, Stirling would be a Conservative shoo-in.
  • Until this week, he looked like a shoo-in.
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