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  • In context, the company's squeamishness seems curiously belated.
  • Investor squeamishness may make for a bumpy ride for a while.
  • For all its squeamishness about " nation building,"
  • Forget squeamishness, the stabs are jolting and not particularly necessary.
  • Others delight in matching wits with nature and overcoming squeamishness.
  • But his findings have been the cause of some squeamishness.
  • Squeamishness got the best of me and I fled.
  • But those who overcome their squeamishness often cannot resist taking a little souvenir.
  • Is this indifference, or does it show that squeamishness remains a barrier?
  • Having boasted of his lack of squeamishness, he faints while giving blood.
  • :: Previous generations didn't share our squeamishness about bodily functions.
  • So is some of the squeamishness about sex.
  • It treats sexual matters with Victorian squeamishness and a pornographic delight in the indirect,
  • And he showed more scientific ardor than squeamishness when it came to dispatching them.
  • Apparently, his statement led to squeamishness.
  • The squeamishness about saying " murder " pushes politicians into comically grisly expressions.
  • Micallef, the Texas dealer, saw no reason for excessive squeamishness about such dealings.
  • "There's a squeamishness about this story, " one agent said.
  • McCall's squeamishness about fund raising has sharpened widespread doubts about his will to run.
  • He is long past any squeamishness.
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