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  • The equipment worth dlrs 40, 000 allows setting up two surgical wards.
  • Five others less seriously wounded were receiving care on regular surgical wards.
  • Nursing practice on surgical wards differs from that of medical wards.
  • She had previously worked as a surgical ward nurse in Thailand and Afghanistan.
  • The surgical ward was named the " McCulloch Ward " to commemorate his generosity.
  • The current main hospital canteen was a former surgical ward.
  • The Yellow zone holds surgical wards, half the operating theatres and the outpatients department.
  • It includes such medical facilities as general surgical wards, out-patient rooms and an X-ray laboratory.
  • This strange situation resulted from the fact that the female surgical ward abutted the garret.
  • In addition to general and surgical wards, the hospital is equipped with three operating theatres.
  • The Milton Park Wing was developed in 1959 and remains as the main surgical ward.
  • In the emergency and surgical wards, those wounded lay in rusting cots amid bleak conditions.
  • He was the head of the surgical ward of Sant'Anna's hospital in Como for three decades.
  • Surgical nurses are responsible for approximately six patients, depending on the nature of the surgical ward.
  • Saturday, a young man in civilian clothes was guarding the main door of the surgical ward.
  • The school was based in the female surgical ward of the then General Hospital in Colombo.
  • Two were placed in intensive care and the third was taken to a surgical ward, Jones said.
  • The additions include the Minimally Invasive Centre, Day Therapy Centre, Surgical Ward and the 5-star-hotel-like Private Ward.
  • Two were placed in intensive care and the third was taken to a surgical ward, he said.
  • Ambulance trains were organised by the Royal Army Medical Corps with onboard surgical wards and essential medical supplies.
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