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  • No in-your-face surliness or social anomie here.
  • Outside the ring, he's known for his surliness.
  • A streak of surliness shouldn't damage a worthy candidate.
  • Now he would deprive New Yorkers of their birthright of surliness?
  • Kozlov ( playing in the minors ) has added surliness.
  • No Parisian surliness, no fog-engendered ennui fills the air.
  • Costello said, early on, wryly sending up his past surliness.
  • Mayfair's ebullience was in direct contrast to Elkington's surliness.
  • In the meantime, one sorely misses His Surliness.
  • "I don't know about losing the surliness,"
  • Mod Tanoi finally shouted at the TV screen with exasperation and severe surliness.
  • Jayson brings a surliness that can be attractive.
  • In Outpost, they get surlier and surlier until they die, apparently of surliness.
  • The victories have become fewer in recent years, but Earnhardt has retained his surliness.
  • The only authentically New York aspect of the place is the surliness of the service.
  • Barry Bonds, whose journey in hitting 73 home runs seemed to soften his surliness.
  • The two candidates most marked by accusations of surliness in the past were making nice noises.
  • Surliness would get its just rewards.
  • Despite the rider's surliness, Jane helps him to get back onto his horse.
  • From the point of view of the people who live in Pale, this surliness is justified.
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