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  • Simmer, stirring occasionally, until syrupy, about 20 minutes.
  • Indeed, Weld's steely tone toward Helms turned syrupy.
  • Tootie answers snaking her tongue out to catch the syrupy drips.
  • Combine sugar and water in a saucepan and heat until syrupy.
  • There are no syrupy life lessons to be learned each week.
  • Add artichokes to syrupy juices in skillet and cook until glazed.
  • Reduce mixture by 50 percent until a syrupy consistency is reached.
  • We had to be careful not to get sappy or syrupy,
  • Chill until thickened to a syrupy consistency, about an hour.
  • It is a poisonous, syrupy liquid with a fishy odor.
  • Reduce liquid until it becomes syrupy, and add back reserved fruit.
  • Some songs are syrupy, but others are genuinely moving.
  • College found me continually ingesting the sweet syrupy taste of Diet Coke.
  • Sometimes it is too hard, other times too syrupy.
  • It doesn't have to be syrupy and sweet ."
  • Sweet but not at all syrupy with hints of blackberry.
  • Return pan to heat, and reduce sauce to a syrupy consistency.
  • Theme song : That syrupy thing from " Titanic ."
  • Drew is correct, and CBS captured the emotion without being syrupy.
  • More sugar makes it syrupy; less makes it icy.
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