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  • A later, long-term series of excavations by the DAI ended in 1998.
  • SECOND TERM LOGO : Logo for BC-Second Term series; MOVED Friday, Nov . 5.
  • SECOND TERM LOGO : Logo for BC-The Second Term series; with any related second term story; MOVED Sunday, Nov . 21.
  • She is a character in the program " The contemporary " on Vietnam Television, and was the subject of long-term series of reports on major newspapers.
  • The studio insisted on these Draconian terms, a close associate of the star said, to underscore the point that actors cannot easily break their long-term series contracts.
  • :To be honest, it would probably affect longer-term series or article improvement projects, such as Romania-related WikiProjects or improvements of articles to bring them up to featured status.
  • The two sides did not reach any agreements during the talks, intended as a prelude to a long-term series of meetings, Foreign Ministry official Wang Guangya said at a news conference.
  • Living history has become a popular theme in recent UK TV series, usually involving Ruth Goodman and regular collaborators in a long-term series, filmed in intermittent episodes with a cast of historians.
  • In spring 1965, he began a long-term series of regular lectures and workshops on Eckankar at the California Parapsychology Foundation in San Diego and also started selling monthly " Discourses " to interested students.
  • In 2008 the National Gallery in Prague organized an exhibit in the Trade-Fair Palace of Irena Jozov?s work entitled Echoes of the Venice Biennale, which traced the origin of the long-term Series Collection project.
  • In 1948 it appeared on the four highest denominations ( DM 1, DM 2, DM 3 and DM 5 ) of the first long-term series of postage stamps in German mark currency, which featured buildings.
  • An unrelated example is this IP address, which remained unblocked for a long term series of misogynist attacks even though the user made statewide news in South Dakota for Wikipedia edits that attempted to derail the reelection campaign of congresswoman Stephanie Herseth Sandlin.
  • It was the first in a long-term series of efforts to get the patronage of the Medici family during the next decades, including a lengthy dedication of his 1624 reprint of the " Venetia edificata " to Ferdinando II de'Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany.
  • "We're developing a long-term series, but at least in the short term the logic behind it has caught on with players and fans, " Kantarian said . " This is just bringing a bit of logic with some added drama and excitement, with implications for the U . S . Open.
  • In November 2012, following the publication of his biography " Geen genade " ( English : " No Mercy " ), in which he admitted to a long term series of personal problems : after a difficult first year in Milan he spent a long time on the bench in his second year, and began drinking.
  • The expression " term symbol " is derived from the " term series " associated with the Rydberg states of an atom and their spectroscopy were designated " sharp ", " principal ", " diffuse " and " fundamental " and consequently the letters S, P, D, and F were used to represent the orbital angular momentum states of an atom.
  • Following her appearance in the episode, Janssen was offered a five-year contract to appear in the main cast as Jadzia Dax on " Star Trek : Deep Space Nine " but turned it down as she did not want to be tied to a long term series contract, She found working with Stewart easy when they were reunited, because of their previous work on " The Perfect Mate ".

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