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  • But the contract is terminable on the sale of the hotel.
  • From a creditor's point of view there is no security in terminable case.
  • The implementation of this terminable certificate of registry is intended for recreational vessels as well as small ships.
  • On the terminable certificate of registration, Abdul Rahim said it is valid for five years and is renewable.
  • Significantly, the labour supply agreements were terminable by the owner entities without notice in circumstances of industrial action.
  • Dars'essay, titled " Terminable and interminable translation " in English, discusses the process of attempting to make a translation definitive.
  • These leases are not terminable by the tenant, nor are rent bond : hence the " hell-or-high water " moniker.
  • MWMT pays Mercury Asset Management Plc an annual fee of 1 percent of gross assets, with the management contract terminable with six months'notice.
  • Jivatva, the phenomenal individuality, although beginning-less, is terminable ( santa ) in the case of one getting release and gaining Brahmatva.
  • To date the only projects to achieve three pearls include the Abu Dhabi Midfield Terminable Building and ten unspecified Abu Dhabi Education Council ( ADEC ) schools.
  • Assuming that the SEB has issued the bonds, how will they service these bonds as in a terminable case there is nothing that can service the bonds.
  • Abdul Rahim added that the conditions of ownership for this terminable registration are flexible and allow for 50 / 50 ownership with non-Malaysians either on a corporate basis or joint ownership as partners.
  • If the State Seal or the Privy Seal are illegally reproduced, the penalty is at least two years or more of terminable penal servitude according to Article 164 of the 1st clause of the criminal code.
  • The current regime under the 1995 Act for regulating tenancies, commonly known as Farm Business Tenancies, permits the creation of a clearly and easily terminable interest, whether by a periodic tenancy or a fixed term.
  • Freud himself was quite open about the possibility that there were many patients for whom analysis could bring little or no relief, and he discusses the factors in his 1937 paper " Analysis Terminable and Interminable ."
  • The case is, however, different as regards forty millions of consols ( included in the above figures ), belonging to suitors in chancery, which were cancelled and replaced by a terminable annuity in 1883.
  • If the State Seal or the Privy Seal are illegally reproduced, the penalty is at least two years or more of terminable penal servitude according to the first clause of Article 164 of the Criminal Code of Japan.
  • Offices held " during good behaviour " are terminable by the writ of either " quo warranto " or " scire facias ", which has even been employed by and against well-placed judges.
  • Another example of a base fee is an estate descendible to heirs general, but terminable on an uncertain event; for example, a grant of land to A and his heirs, tenants of the manor of Dale.
  • It's not that The Snookah thought there was anything inherently nefarious about someone who happened to be born north of the border; it's just that The Snookah had a terminable fondness for Uncle Sam and local kids.
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