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उदाहरण वाक्यमोबाइल
  • Biden was snared by reporters hungry for any tidbit of news.
  • It was just one more tidbit for them to write about.
  • Oh, there have been some disturbing tidbits here and there.
  • No need to air mail that tidbit of information to Texas.
  • I found those tidbits in the Hyperwocky column by Gary Brickman.
  • Beauty tips and exercise breaks are among the tidbits separating stories.
  • Be sure to pass this juicy tidbit to the gossip leaders.
  • Wallace fed us tasty historical and oceanographic tidbits as we went.
  • So did spicy tidbits in the newspapers and on the airwaves.
  • Another tidbit : Don't sit under a Coulter pine.
  • When this tidbit became a newspaper story, Mariucci was chagrined.
  • There are interesting articles and other tidbits about those Vegas heydays.
  • And Opera News is a pretty good source for such tidbits.
  • Tidbit : Twenty-fourth birthday is on Super Bowl Sunday.
  • Sweet tidbits are available, too, laid out on trays.
  • People can get that awkward tidbit free, from my husband.
  • Whatever tidbits they found need to be weighed against that impact.
  • Nothing sets the mood for love like tasty tidbits for two.
  • We reported those tidbits, but you had to look closely.
  • "There's always a new tidbit ."
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