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  • Getting there, however, found them weathering some wild fluctuations.
  • People view the economy as capable of weathering these minor events.
  • So Peres will have trouble weathering a crisis such as this.
  • The weathering of the material, the wood, the pilings.
  • Nobody disputes that China is weathering an unprecedented storm of lawlessness.
  • Motive spent 2001 weathering a drop-off in technology spending.
  • For now, HMV appears to be weathering the changes well.
  • One of the cabinets has seen more weathering than the other.
  • Putin said after weathering the most difficult crisis of his presidency.
  • Like Turner, Cathy West is weathering Monster's glare.
  • "I'm still weathering the fallout,"
  • He was mounting his comeback bid after weathering a corruption probe.
  • Readiness to adjust key to weathering woes : DPM, BUSINESS TIMES
  • Likud, though, was already weathering a storm of defections.
  • Its appearance changes over time through a process called space weathering.
  • *PVC and fiberglass frames perform well in accelerated weathering tests.
  • Weathering, with time, will create intensely colored superficial rinds.
  • Placer materials must be both dense and resistant to weathering processes.
  • Lack of plant cover makes the Chinle especially susceptible to weathering.
  • The removal of the protecting paint has contributed to weathering damages.
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