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yamun इन हिंदी

yamun उदाहरण वाक्य
उदाहरण वाक्य
1.Yamun Khahan is delighted to welcome a good general in its ranks.

2.Troops also moved into the village of al-Yamun near Nablus overnight, Mayor Nayef Hamaiseh said.

3.In 1838 Edward Robinson noted it on his travels, and in 1870 Victor Gu�rin found that Yamun had 500 inhabitants.

4.On Sunday, Jenin itself was largely quiet, though Palestinian official said Israeli forces had entered the nearby village of Yamun, killing a Palestinian policeman and wounding another.

5.Earlier Sunday, Israeli troops shot and killed a Palestinian policeman when army forces entered the West Bank village of al-Yamun near Nablus, Mayor Nayef Hamaiseh said.

6.Two Palestinian police officers were killed Sunday, one when army forces entered al-Yamun village near Nablus and the other when an Israeli tank shell hit a building Tulkarem refugee camp.

7.Bakri dedicated the film to its producer, Iyad Samoudi, who was killed by Israeli soldiers, at al-Yamun in the Jenin Governorate of the West Bank, shortly after filming ended.

8.In 1838 Edward Robinson noted it among many other villages on the plain; Lajjun, Umm al-Fahm, Ti'inik, Silat al-Harithiya, Al-Yamun and el Barid.

9.Fayez Hushiyeh, 51, from Al Yamun, who was in the fields with his daughters, said that he had never sneaked into Israel before, but that times had gotten so hard that he had to take the risk.

10.It is obviously not to the liking of general Tuigan to see a stranger so close to their leader, including General Chanar Ong Kho, also " anda " of Khahan and own mother Yamun, Bayalun Khadun, dedicated to his son visceral hatred.

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