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  • The river discharges 10 km?per year into the Zambezi River.
  • He's right, and Zambezi brand beer is very good.
  • The country is divided into two topographical regions by the Zambezi River.
  • Zambia lies in the watershed between DR Congo and Zambezi river systems.
  • Zambezi sharks tolerate fresh water and can travel far up the Limpopo.
  • Colonies are becoming concentrated into the national parks and the Zambezi Valley.
  • The Zambezi's most noted feature is Victoria Falls.
  • Travelers near Zambezi are being killed, apparently by leopards.
  • It was bisected by a natural border, the Zambezi.
  • Gedi is one of many medieval Zambezi River in Mozambique.
  • The " Zambezi Waterfront Tourism " project is under construction.
  • These sharks are also known as Zambezi whaler and are very aggressive.
  • The Zambezi's most spectacular feature is the beautiful Victoria Falls.
  • The Zambezi crossing remained the weak point in the link to Beira.
  • The dam would be high and flood approximately of the Zambezi valley.
  • In 2011 Ollie was part of the Row Zambezi Expedition.
  • Swept over the brink like the wide Zambezi River?
  • We found Zambezi a tad astringent, almost citrusy.
  • The Zambezi forms the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia.
  • She scheduled a sunset cruise along the Zambezi River to end the day.
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