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  • Among many New Zealanders there is an open contempt for psychiatry.
  • The New Zealanders called it " megaphone diplomacy ."
  • Cowan, " replacing him with New Zealander Steve Williams.
  • And he's run into some opposition from New Zealanders.
  • Woods and New Zealander Steve Williams have become a fabulous team.
  • Australians ( as do New Zealanders ) take their wars seriously.
  • Even so, the New Zealanders are determined to move ahead.
  • The study followed 847 New Zealanders from birth to age 26.
  • He put New Zealander Sir Richard Hadlee as No . 1.
  • Still, many New Zealanders are on the verge of euphoria.
  • You are typical New Zealanders, doing it well and winning.
  • Normally stuffy New Zealanders sang and danced from morning to night.
  • About 20 New Zealanders have already been training with the unit.
  • Andrew Farrell kicked eight goals and New Zealander Henry Paul two.
  • It is unworthy of New Zealanders, " he said.
  • Corser edged out the Honda of New Zealander Aaron Slight for pole
  • Of 118 New Zealanders who applied, 62 will be interviewed.
  • New Zealanders have long admired the way Singapore manages its economy,
  • There are 700 Australians and 220 New Zealanders on the islands.
  • Woods'caddie, Steve Williams, is a New Zealander.
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