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उदाहरण वाक्य
1.Outcropping Zechstein rocks are limited to the edges of basement uplifts.

2.The Magnesian Limestone is now incorporated within the Zechstein Group.

3.NAM found the Netherlands'first gas in Zechstein carbonates at Coevorden in 1948.

4.This Zechstein stage also comprises dolomites and limestones.

5.Later, during the Zechstein and Muschelkalk the region was largely flooded by the sea.

6.The Capitanian stage was part of the time in which the Zechstein was deposited in Europe.

7.During the Zechstein the sea ingressed from the Arctic Ocean to the north into the basin.

8.Furthermore, in the south near Heidelberg, there is still zechstein under the Early Triassic deposits.

9.It is the type locality for the Raisby Formation, a carbonate unit of the English Zechstein sequence.

10.In Dutch lithostratigraphy, the Rotliegend lies on top of the late Carboniferous Limburg Group and below the Zechstein Group.