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  • WWC2 is conserved in some Actinopterygii, Gastropoda, and Bivalvia.
  • Ray-finned fishes are a class of bony fishes called Actinopterygii.
  • Most bony fish belong to the ray-finned fish ( Actinopterygii ).
  • This Actinopterygii article has a helpful taxonomical list that can be a good tool.
  • Perciformes is in the Actinopterygii class, which, is in the Pisces superclass.
  • Pseudophycis " breviuscula " falls under the ray-finned fish class Actinopterygii.
  • Rafinesque 1810 ( Actinopterygii : Syngnathiformes ) : Taxonomy and biogeography with recommendations for further research.
  • Mammals are shown to have greater similarity, while aquatic vertebrates such as actinopterygii / chondrichthyes have lesser similarity.
  • Carroll 1988 ) recognises teleost fishes as a Division Teleostei within Class Actinopterygii ( the ray-finned fishes ).
  • The extant ray-finned fishes of the subclass Actinopterygii include 42 orders, 431 families and over 23, 000 species.
  • CD79A is conserved and abundant among ray-finned fish ( actinopterygii ) but not in the evolutionarily more ancient chondrichthyes such as shark.
  • This clade, the osteichthyans, splits in two clades : the lobe-finned and the ray-finned ( Actinopterygii ) fishes.
  • The Mastacembelids are part of the Order Synbranchiformes, the swamp eels, which are part of the Actinopterygii ( ray-finned fishes ).
  • Ontogenetic dietary shifts and food selection of endemic Squalius carolitertii ( Actinopterygii : Cypriniformes : Cyprinidae ) in River Tormes, Central Spain, in summer.
  • Acanthodians share with Actinopterygii the characteristic of three otoliths, the sagitta in the sacculus, the asteriscus in the lagena, and the lapillus in the utriculus.
  • The lobe-finned ancestors of the tetrapods evolved them further, while the ancestors of the ray-finned fishes ( Actinopterygii ) evolved their fins in a different direction.
  • There are otherwise vast differences in fin, respiratory, and circulatory structures between the Sarcopterygii and the Actinopterygii, such as the presence of cosmoid layers in the scales of sarcopterygians.
  • The "'Umbridae "'( mudminnows ) are a family of Actinopterygii, ray-finned fish that inhabit freshwater environments in temperate regions across the Northern Hemisphere.
  • ""'Hemirhabdorhynchus " "'is an extinct genus of prehistoric Actinopterygii, or ray-finned fish, that lived from the early to middle Eocene.
  • ""'Pseudosphaerodon " "'is an extinct genus of prehistoric Actinopterygii, or ray-finned fish, that lived from the early to middle Eocene.
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