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  • Ir - 192 brain colloid tumor actinotherapy research and clinic application
  • Ir - 192 brain colloid tumor actinotherapy s animal experiment and initial clinic application
  • Body gamma knife integrating precision actinotherapy , three - dimension adjustable actinotherapy and common actinotherapy , is a large irradiation neurosurgery device for body tumor . it is the ideal method for non - operation therapy of all kinds of lung cancer and liver cancer , firstly developed by shenzhen aowo intl . technology development co . ltd and passed the national mda certificate
  • Engaged in neurosurgery clinic and basic research for 40 years , implemented neurosurgery all - round application research on three - dimensional directional technology , and encephaloma actinotherapy research , high blood pressure hematoma directional cleanup , obstinate epilepsy therapy and three - dimensional directional endoscope cutting encephalic tumor and microelectrode therapy on funciotional disease research
  • " body gamma knife is mainly used for curing all kinds of body tumors , and the latest generation three - dimensional directional actinotherapy devices . it incorporates many modern high - techs and effectively break through the limit of actinotherapy devices available while precisely focused and three - dimensional directional . it also has adjusted actinotherapy , wide range irradiation and common actinotherapy , and protects the normal organism from damage at best while its dosage precisely destroys tumor organism

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