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उदाहरण वाक्यमोबाइल
  • As a concept, it all must have looked quite enticing.
  • Not one but two enticing film fests are opening in town.
  • Audience members are enticed to join a Twinkie pig-out.
  • I was more enticed by shooting threes instead of being aggressive.
  • PROS : Near DX4-100 level performance for an enticing price
  • Consequently, spices, while enticing, can also be intimidating.
  • But perhaps typing to a stranger doesn't sound enticing.
  • Such descriptions not only entice customers, they also provide reassurance.
  • He worried about infiltrators attempting to entice Payton with late offers.
  • Apparently, even that wasn't enough to entice investors.
  • Man with bullhorn is trying to entice patrons into his establishment.
  • They're close to winning so that's enticing.
  • Kemp enticed inquirering minds recently with his bizarre behavior and silence.
  • Borofsky used this fact to entice credential-conscious Brandeis students.
  • They could not survive without enticing adolescents into using their products.
  • Some states are better than others in producing an enticing guide.
  • But it is not enough to entice anyone to move abroad.
  • My challenge is to entice large shippers to use our services,
  • It may have been priced a little wide to entice investors.
  • Many are offering signing bonuses to entice employees to come aboard.
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