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  • The left-handed glove was found at the crime scene.
  • Both men started out with two-handed backhands and switched.
  • I think the BOC is the ultimate single-handed race,
  • At the exit, the new Voodoo flier is handed out.
  • That way Aristide wouldn't be returning empty-handed.
  • One woman handed out small pieces of paper offering maid service.
  • Mitchell, who is left-handed, is out indefinitely.
  • Michel then shook hands with Foley and handed the gavel back.
  • If it shows red, we are handed over for trial.
  • But Mencken was generous and even-handed in his prejudices.
  • Left-handed reliever who likely would have been signed anyway.
  • Camby threw down a two-handed slam while being fouled.
  • You stand there like an empty-handed dunce, weeping.
  • Chechik is too heavy-handed and makes the movie clunky.
  • But swinging left-handed, he strikes the ball squarely.
  • Right-handed starter Bill Wegman ( lower abdominal strain ).
  • He's a left-handed pitcher with the Angels.
  • But the percentage move called for a right-handed hitter.
  • That's useful to a two-handed editorial writer.
  • "But luck isn't just handed to you.
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