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1.{{ quote | �Vadim Gushchin balances on the thin edge of the object-objectless.

2.Regression inward speaks to the magnitude of the reliance on primitive forms of fantasy and self-containment, often of an objectless nature.

3.The Atman is the reality in the empirical self as the ever present foundational subject-objectless universal consciousness which sustains the empirical self.

4.Certain verbs, termed Objectless Transitive Inanimate, which have the morphological characteristics of verbs of the Transitive Inanimate class, occur without a grammatical object.

5.Besides objectless ideas, there are ideas that have only one object, e . g . the idea [ the first man on the moon ] represents only one object.

6.Other verb classes are derived from these primary classes : " Transitivized Animate Intransitive, " " Double Object Transitive, " and " Objectless Transitive Inanimate, " exemplified below.

7.At this point, he adds, the formula for anxiety might also be written D ( a ), but here the object a _ cause of desire _ is substituted by anxiety, which is characteristically objectless.

8.Crangle and other scholars state that " sabija-asamprajnata samadhi " resembles the four formless " jhanas ", with the fourth " arupa jhana " of Buddhism being analogous to Patanjali's " objectless dhyana and samadhi ".

9.Both object-centered and objectless-centered meditative practice, in Hindu texts, leads to progressively more bright, pellucid and poised state of " powerful, pure, " Sattvic " " state of blissful Self, ultimately leading to the knowledge of " purusha " or Atman-Brahman ( soul ), states Michael Washburn.

10.As the author himself puts it, the quintessence of all his research can be reduced to one phrase : " The meaning of life is love for God . " The author has it that love ( in the absolute sense, objectless and subjectless ) engenders time, and, indirectly, space and matter; that love is the absolute value.