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  • The Chief Rabbinate oversees the implementation of Jewish law in Israel.
  • He trained for the rabbinate in the Mir Yeshiva in Lithuania.
  • In May, 1844, he accepted the rabbinate of Lemberg.
  • A new synagogue was also built in Kalisz during his rabbinate.
  • Gratz College itself does not offer theological training for the rabbinate.
  • The Hungarian rabbinate were unhappy with Friesenhausen's unilateral activities.
  • On December 4, 1852 Aub joined the rabbinate in Mainz.
  • In 1936 he was ordained to the Rabbinate in Poland.
  • Rabbi Yoffie said he supported the idea of dismantling the chief rabbinate.
  • Rabbi Simcha Weiss said the rabbinate made the decision Monday.
  • Protesting the unpaid salaries, rabbinates on Monday stopped issuing marriage documents.
  • The Chief rabbinate said it would create an alternate plan.
  • Schneerson urged Sacks to seek rabbinic ordination and to enter the rabbinate.
  • The Rabbinate has jurisdiction over many aspects of Jewish life in Israel.
  • Samuel officiated as rabbi in rabbinate of F�rth, Germany.
  • In 1894 old age compelled his retirement from the rabbinate.
  • The religious authority for Jewish marriages is the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.
  • He also served as a member of the Israeli Chief Rabbinate Council.
  • He was a senior rabbinical adviser to the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.
  • The rabbinate, in fact, arranged the transaction.
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