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  • He added that loose horses on racecourses are a recognized problem.
  • Nicholson catered beverages to a number of racecourses outside of London.
  • Several major racecourses, including Classics were usually run at Newmarket.
  • Racecourses, picture theatres and places of amusement were particularly targeted.
  • The Jockey Club also has helped China develop racecourses of its own.
  • One of the reasons he bases himself in Paris is its racecourses.
  • Most racecourses had a nearby railway station with suitable facilities.
  • These innovations would become commonplace for racecourses around the country.
  • This race course is considered one of the top racecourses in India.
  • They lost control of the South East racecourses to the Sabini gang.
  • Manton was a steward at several racecourses, Beverley and York Racecourse.
  • Several major racecourses, including Classics were run at Newmarket.
  • Racecourses are situated in 59 locations throughout New Zealand.
  • Foreign clubs, racecourses, and churches were established in major treaty ports.
  • It is regarded as the'grand old lady'of Australian racecourses.
  • He is a local steward for the British Horseracing Authority at Towcester racecourses.
  • He frequently gambled at suburban racecourses in the summer.
  • Racecourses do not hold more than one jump race in a single day.
  • All came from the book British Racing and Racecourses.
  • The racecourses involved in the All-Weather Championships are Deauville in France.
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