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  • Either way, his strong personality radiates like a lighthouse beacon.
  • A nearby powerline can radiate fields of 5 to 40 milligauss.
  • Gant said, his smile radiating throughout the Reds'clubhouse.
  • And with a month until Election Day, he radiates confidence.
  • The Yankees'two teams within a team radiate equal candlepower.
  • The windows were steamy, and a glow radiated from inside.
  • Most of the energy is thus not radiated away by electrons.
  • She radiated love of art and the life of the spirit.
  • There's an indescribable quality that radiates from old tools.
  • Mick Jagger pointed out, radiating his customary jolly good spirits.
  • He radiates a gracious, smiling exuberance that appears completely unforced.
  • Ms . Asylmuratova's slender, arching body radiated pathos.
  • It's a pulsating orange that seems to radiate heat.
  • The actors radiate health even when made up to look pallid.
  • Unlike his father, George W . Bush radiates this ethos.
  • Radiated energy will be recaptured to warm water and generate electricity.
  • She just radiated a glow about her that was just amazing.
  • Radiate love and joy, that is really our only job,
  • The spotlight radiates on Donovan McNabb, and it is hot.
  • Radiating self-importance, it is accustomed to being accommodated.
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