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americanise उदाहरण वाक्य

उदाहरण वाक्य
21.Myself, I gasp in shock why anyone should want to use the Americanised spelling, and am therefore negatively affected by " Slovenian ".

22.Pioneers of a more Americanised popular country music in Australia included Tex Morton ( known as " The Father of Australian Country Music " ) in the 1930s.

23.Starr and the song's writer, Geoff Mack, travelled to the United States where an Americanised version written by Mack became a hit for Hank Snow.

24.For its use of foreign technologies, it has been called the " first sample of the Americanised technical powers of Italy's huge new cinema city ."

25.The music was also Americanised : wanting it to match the American Stock Racing, Edmondson visited races across the United States, and noticed that they featured metal music.

26.It has also been suggested that the video is a tongue-in-cheek response to criticism that the band's sound has become too " Americanised ".

27.The American " Federalisation " of the vehicle received negative reactions from the original design team due to the enlarged bumpers, sealed beam headlights, and Americanised colour / trim choices.

28.M . G . G . Pillai, one of " Asiaweek "'s casualties, says the magazine lost focus and became increasingly Americanised after Time took over.

29.I truly hope Wikipedia isn't to become totally Americanised with only issues of importance to people of that part of the world are to be regarded as worthy of recording.

30.Sunny Ad?has said that his refusal to allow Island to meddle with his compositions and over-Europeanise and Americanise his music were the reasons why Island then decided to look elsewhere.

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