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americanise उदाहरण वाक्य

उदाहरण वाक्य
31.For me there is something very special about the English'way of life'and I wish to record it from my particular point of view before it becomes Americanised and disappears.

32.Regardless, the book came out in the 60s, IIRC, so either Conan Doyle's son must have been Americanised / Americanized or someone else ( his co-author?

33.His aim to reconnect younger generations with mugham began to pay dividends; not only was he appealing to traditional Islamic sections of the Azerbaijani population, but also to more Americanised and modern audiences.

34.Despite being recut with Americanised intertitles, having some scenes cut out, and being renamed for the American market as " The Story of a Tough Guy ", it was withdrawn from distribution.

35.It marked the start of a controversial five-album collaboration between Thompson and new producer Mitchell Froom that was regarded, in some quarters, to have " Americanised " and commercialised Thompson's style and sound.

36.His essay " Raffles and Miss Blandish " also casts a light on how he thought an English murder was in a different class from any other murder and compares a'partly Americanised'sensibility to former times.

37.Boundaries between the " traditional " and " Americanised " promotions were increasingly broken down after FWA's 2001 " Old School vs New School " storyline which saw a group of traditional ITV era veterans invade the promotion.

38.The Simca was distanced from its Fiat origins by a modified ?Americanised ?front end, featuring a widened and lowered boot, accessible only from the interior of the car and almost entirely filled by the spare wheel.

39.Some bands choose to identify with the pop market and sing in more Americanised accents; others choose more to identify as Aussies and so sing in more distinctly Australian accents . talk 00 : 55, 20 November 2005 ( UTC)

40.Because of his Americanised name people often react oddly or sometimes with hostility to Tony . " Spending time alone was the most natural thing in the world for Tony . " He develops an interest in drawing but prefers accuracy over emotion.

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