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  • Police theorize it might have been a drive-by shooting.
  • Some British observers theorized that Benn had grown gun-shy.
  • There's only one real flaw in all this theorizing.
  • Most likely a result of the spore discharge, he theorized.
  • Theorizing, they say, is elemental in virtually all investigations.
  • Such a theorized collapse is referred to as the Big Crunch.
  • Renner theorized that just being visited may help a patient heal.
  • Some researchers theorize that genes for diabetes once protected against starvation.
  • But tourism professionals say the academics can theorize all they want.
  • The concept of artificial intelligence was first theorized by Alan Turing.
  • Not exactly the kind of economic theorizing that wins Nobel prizes.
  • Some doctors theorized that PPA caused strokes by raising blood pressure.
  • No theorizing or explaining can make a joke funny or not.
  • After all that energetic theorizing, where did we end up?
  • They theorize that using the miniature swine would minimize the risk.
  • Some theorize political and religious rivalries might be behind the killings.
  • They theorized that CoQ10 supplements might help preserve nerve cell function.
  • Siegel theorized that Yushchenko has been suffering from an unknown virus.
  • He theorized the species-specific defense reaction ( SSDR ).
  • This figure has been often theorized as depicting Heimdallr with Gjallarhorn.
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