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  • Finally, Nicolas Boileau-Despr�aux became the theorizer of poetic classicism.
  • These circumstances appear to be enough for archaeological theorizers.
  • Of the original circle of founders of Gestalt therapy, From was a main theorizer.
  • He died at age 28 in 1892, reportedly of influenza, but theorizers suggest syphilis might have been the cause.
  • Anarchists were very active in that struggle, which was organised into self-managed leagues . " A main theorizer of these ideas was Bonanno and his publication " Anarchismo ".
  • Tim Parker, a planetary geologist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, who was an early Mars ocean theorizer, said the new evidence, already widely discussed among scientists, was proving to be widely persuasive.
  • The second conference did not take place until 1932; its topic was " Europe ", and it was notable for the participation of a number of mainly fascist theorizers, along with non-fascists such as the British historian Christopher Dawson.
  • Part of the difficulty in this line of research is that observed phenomena can often be explained as simple stimulus-response learning, as it is in the nature of any theorizers of mind to have to extrapolate internal mental states from observable behavior.
  • Professor Rashad was entitled the eminent theorizer by Farabi International Festival in 2009, and was awarded prizes and certificates of appreciation by UNESCO, ISESCO, Islamic Republic of Iran s Presidency, and Ministry of Science, Research and Technology ( Iran ).
  • In " Signum ", writer Tiffany Lee Brown commented in 2001 : " This was no overpriced, fancypants event full of goatee-stroking theorizers or a showcase of overserious minimalist compositions, but a romp through the tangled underbrush of homegrown experimentalism ."
  • These cosmic theorizers, who might be defined as obsessed, confused, intellectually outmatched or just plain weird proponents of demonstrably incorrect ideas, maintain a voluminous correspondence with noted physicists and turn up at their talks and speeches with the reliability of paparazzi chasing princesses and pop artists.
  • Her most important scholarly and theoretical work is generally considered to be the recent " The Virtual Window : From Alberti to Microsoft ", which synthesized her previous writing about movies, film, and television, and her long experience as a theorizer of forms of visual experience.
  • :: : : : : : : : Galileo did not create an all-encompassing ideology which claimed to putatively explain all aspects of human life, and when it came to things such as the movements of the moons of Jupiter he was a sober empirical observationalist ( as opposed to a bloviating armchair theorizer ).
  • Finally, Nicolas Boileau-Despr�aux became the theorizer of poetic classicism : his " Art po�tique " ( 1674 ) praised reason and logic ( Boileau elevated Malherbe as the first of the rational poets ), believability, moral usefulness and moral correctness; it elevated tragedy and the poetic epic as the great genres and recommended imitation of the poets of antiquity.
  • :: : : There's actually not all that much controversy among linguists-- a fairly strong majority of those linguists who deal with the detailed specific facts of ancient languages ( as opposed to broad-brush mega-comparison theorizers ) think that a South Russian Urheimat is more probable than an Anatolian Urheimat . talk ) 14 : 16, 23 November 2008 ( UTC)
  • :Early Arab nationalism was mainly motivated by resentments against European predominance and / or Ottoman rule, and was formulated by those who had enough exposure to European cultures to be influenced by 19th-century Romantic nationalism in Europe ( so it's conspicuous that the two most prominent pre-WW2 theorizers, George Antonious and Michel Aflaq were both Christians, though the majority of Arabs are Muslims ).
  • Granted, most theorizers on this subject are long dead : Henry Adams ( spent 38-years thinking on this topic ), Vilfredo Pareto ( spent 22-years on this subject ), Pierre Teilhard ( spent 25-years on this topic ), etc . What I m most likely going to do, when the new-version of the article is finished, is send the whole thing to afd myself so that the article can gather a formal consensus .-- talk ) 18 : 32, 30 August 2010 ( UTC)

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