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उदाहरण वाक्यमोबाइल
  • He pursues period-practice uprightness, but only to a point.
  • Note uprightness of his torso, perfect depth, knees pinioned outward.
  • From his infancy, he had a reputation for gentleness and uprightness.
  • I admired his uprightness, integrity, and ability ."
  • Upright himself, he was apt to assume the uprightness of others.
  • One such approach to student uprightness is school uniforms.
  • The code of uprightness does not grip all politicians.
  • However, it could also be interpreted as referring to uprightness / righteousness.
  • Licinianus had enjoyed an excellent reputation for his integrity, uprightness and morality.
  • Somiah was as renowned for his modesty as he was for his uprightness.
  • They issued long pronouncements about morality and uprightness.
  • And in this case moral uprightness is free : insecticides don't work.
  • In all the relations of life he was respected for his uprightness and integrity.
  • Richter's uprightness extends to phrasing.
  • It's important for me, because of the uprightness of my running style.
  • Hence it is insisted that one has a good capacity for moral uprightness and personhood.
  • But even that had a " good for you " healthy uprightness about it.
  • The Wisdom of Solomon 2 : 23 is a continued exhortation to uprightness and Godly living.
  • In the public and private relations of life he maintained a reputation for uprightness and independence.
  • Our first parents, by their transgression, fell from their original uprightness and communion with God.
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