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  • No garish sets, no big names and no vacuousness.
  • The title has evolved into a synonym for noisy vacuousness.
  • Eventually, the reporters see the vacuousness of their occupation.
  • But theanalogy of mental vacuousness in the area of public management is imperfect.
  • As Hughes settles into the late 20th century, he is wonderfully cranky about American vacuousness.
  • But it's nice of Star to acknowledge the vacuousness of what he has done before.
  • His brooding good looks may work elsewhere, but here they only emphasise the vacuousness of the movie.
  • For here is a young man who accepts the vacuousness of a received tradition yet begins his experiments with ambivalence.
  • The riots paralleled the disintegration of this guy, his spiritual vacuousness, not having a center to hold on to.
  • One of the great enjoyments of this movie is its devastating satire of the cozy vacuousness and uptight convictions of the times.
  • It may just be that the vacuousness of " The Fifth Element " will boost its box-office chances.
  • Today we have people who can't perform so we have to cover up the vacuousness with all this technique . "'
  • Gervais's Brent is a monster of vacuousness, tripping over himself with lies and insulting every person with whom he has contact.
  • Sambu eventually gets married to Vembu, who is clearly smarter than her husband and spares no criticism of her husband's vacuousness.
  • Other than a few obligatory life lessons about family, friendship and teamwork to obscure the vacuousness on display, that's about it.
  • And Bush is clearly defensive about the intimations of intellectual vacuousness that are fed by his disinclination to store or brandish certain details and information.
  • Jeff Miers of " The Buffalo News " calls the album " a response to the oppressive vacuousness of the Bush years ".
  • The apotheosis of this cautious vacuousness _ the ultimate un-Ventura _ was Elizabeth Dole, who mercifully dropped out of the Republican race this week.
  • At first sight, that looks like a remarkable admission of intellectual vacuousness after only six months in office; but it is not quite that bad.
  • In less talented hands, the effect can be the technological equivalent of a luscious brush stroke : it looks so good that its vacuousness can pass unnoticed.
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